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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Dad

1.1. Dad's Friend - gets treatment from a naturopathic doctor

1.1.1. Naturopathic Doctor - Got to go to Vancouver and ask questions about his job and industry

1.2. Owns a business that is successful in the Okanagan. Therefore he has many contacts and connections with people. He also knows how to run a company and potentially when I run my own I can ask him for advice.

2. Orthodontist - Dr.Mulgrew

2.1. Orthodontist Wife - Is a Occupational Therapist. Through her I am getting a job shadow to experience being a OT is like.

3. Mom

3.1. Owns a bookeeping business

3.1.1. Has friends who are accountants. I could talk to them to find out more about being an accountant.

4. Uncle Dave

4.1. He is the Manager of Big Steel Box in Vancouver. He knows a lot about managing and if I was possibly wanting to get into managing I could get resources from him.

5. Auntie Thersea

5.1. She is a accountant who works on her own. I could ask her questions on what being an accountant is like and what types of schooling she took

6. Auntie Karen

6.1. She is a Nurse. I was interested in being a nurse awhile back and asked her lots of questions about her job

7. Friend from Volleyball

7.1. Friend's Mom - Head coordinator at KGH

7.1.1. I got to have a in depth tour of the hospital and learn about how they organize beds of patients who come in and out