Game Design Brainstorming

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Game Design Brainstorming by Mind Map: Game Design Brainstorming

1. Characters

1.1. Main Characters

1.1.1. Primrose (female protagonist, main character, rescuer, sister)

1.1.2. Cosmos (male protagonist, secondary character, gets rescued by sister, little brother)

1.1.3. Lupin (male antagonist, kidnapper, villain)

2. Graphics

2.1. Art Design

2.1.1. Pixel Art (for both characters and setting)

2.2. Print/Text/Dialogue

2.2.1. Code font

3. Setting

3.1. Lavender Field

3.1.1. Home, starting point of game, first level

3.2. Chrysanthemum Garden

3.2.1. Second level, middle of the game

3.3. Lupin's Castle

3.3.1. Final level, boss fight, rescues Cosmos

4. Story

4.1. Overall Plot

4.1.1. Beginning Primrose needs to go on a quest to rescue her brother

4.1.2. Middle At this level, she needs to collect materials to craft her weapons for the boss fight in the end

4.1.3. End Primrose enters Lupin's castle This is the most suspenseful moment (because it's a boss fight)

5. Story

5.1. Overall Storyline

5.1.1. Primrose and Cosmos are playing hide-and-seek in a forest

5.1.2. Lupin appears and kidnaps Cosmos for an experiment Lupin is experimenting on people, especially little kids He is turning them into flowers

5.1.3. At the end, Primrose enters Lupin's castle and saves her brother

6. Sound

6.1. 8-bit

6.1.1. First level would be a bit upbeat This is because it's the first level and where Primrose and Cosmos's home is

6.1.2. Second level would be a bit calmer/slower as suspense rises As you complete the second level, it gets more suspenseful (since you are getting closer to the boss fight).

6.1.3. Third level will be dark and low pitched to evoke fear/suspense/tension. This is where the game is most suspenseful (boss fight). This level is supposed to make the player tense as it is the last level.