Colville Free Church

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Colville Free Church by Mind Map: Colville Free Church

1. Train Greeters

1.1. Greeters trained to know what do do for new visitors.

1.2. Hand out a welcome Bulletin in unique color for visitors.

1.3. Supper Simple Bulletin. Pastor Welcome Video Url Website Church Tour Video Short Welcome Message

1.4. Phone # for questions

1.5. Facebook group and page url

2. Simplify Buletin

2.1. One contact # for all resources

2.2. Welcome resources

2.3. Name, Firs Last ,Phone, Email

2.4. facebook support Group

3. Phone System in Place

3.1. Mighty Call Voip System Mightycall - Store

3.2. Group text messaging for those that dont have facebook.

4. Create Community facebook Groups

4.1. Create a Group for leaders. better Communication

4.2. Group for new and current members. easy way to get them connected to events small groups and any others question or concerns.

4.3. create events

4.4. Surmen questions from previous Sunday

4.5. Sneak peak at next serman to prepare

4.6. Invite visitors members to groups

5. Huminize Leaders

5.1. Family Pictures of leaders in lobby with contact info.

5.2. Picture of leaders in buletin

6. Highlight members in Buletine for different roles or achievements in the church

7. Church Main buletin in lobby

7.1. creat a large buletin for news events contact info support groups facebook info

8. Welcome To Colville Free Methodist First Impressions