Final Reflection: Compass Points

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Final Reflection: Compass Points by Mind Map: Final Reflection: Compass Points

1. What worries me? What personal learning?

1.1. The structure of the workshop planner

1.2. The amount of agency we as workshop leaders will have given the new planner and the expectations.

1.3. Familiarizing myself with and using the new terminology and material.

2. What excites me?

2.1. The focus on learner agency, meaning that the expectation for our workshops is the same expectation we have for learners in our school.

2.2. Clearer organization of Cat 1 and Cat 2 workshops to support foundational understanding of the program.

2.2.1. elimination of some Cat 2 workshops that could have too many varied outcomes

2.2.2. focus on feedback within assessment

2.3. Development of personas as a means to help learners address different issues

2.4. Material and workshops that are updated to suite learning styles and expectations that are current

2.5. Inclusion of reflection as a throughine throughout the program

3. Next steps

3.1. Continue to explore new documents to ensure sound knowledge base

3.2. Reach out to other WSLs to hear their experience leading different workshops under the new design plan

3.3. Deliver and reflect on experience with a new workshop model

4. Evolution of Reflective question prompts

4.1. I have found the questions to be increasingly personal and relevant to my own experiences.

4.1.1. This connection to me as an individual has been important as it connects directly to engaging the audience and establishing understanding and empathy with participants.