Online examination October - April

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Online examination October - April by Mind Map: Online examination October - April

1. RMN 2019

1.1. Date of second session?

1.1.1. Mock exam of training of new batch students?

1.2. Rerun accreditation or ??

1.3. # of trained examiners/invigilators sufficient?

1.3.1. Rerun training or shorter training?

1.4. Expand # of questions in questionbank?

1.5. Evaluation

1.5.1. Process

1.5.2. Results Quality of questions/exams: analysis

1.5.3. Training/instruction

1.5.4. Adjustments and recommendations

2. Post Basic Dec2018: All times 6

2.1. Multiple Choice

2.1.1. Work with/in Moodle Development, selection and approval of questions Setup of questionbank and categories Select questions for categories and batch import Setup and compose exams Formatting questions import template Migration to production server Checking questions and exams with checklist Setup Mock exams Formatting questions Batch import questions Setup quiz Push users with proper records/credentials from GK24/7 Check proper records users in GK24/7 Passwords? Push results to GK24/7 from Moodle

2.1.2. Publish results: who and how?

2.1.3. Inform selected schools and students Print instruction sheets with password/username Availability and update of materials: Demo, assignments and standard presentation?

2.1.4. Training of invigilators # of (new) invigilators Guidelines available Training materials Place and task of IT Officers?

2.1.5. # of sessions and scheduling (who?)

2.1.6. Testing of exams: # of concurrent users?

2.1.7. Selection and accreditation of exams labs

2.2. Training of students

2.2.1. Mock exams MCQ # of sessions? Date & location of sessions? # of instructors/trainers? RO?

2.2.2. AVailability and update of Demo, assignments and standard presentation

2.2.3. FAQ-list updated and available

2.2.4. Practicals mock necessary?

2.2.5. Informed on way of examination

2.3. Practicals

2.3.1. Setup of Mobile app on Tablet/Check Tablets Internet bundle necessary? Check location Wi-Fi

2.3.2. Enter examiners in GK24/7 Module: Who?

2.3.3. Enter PB Tasks / care study in GK24/7 Module: Who?

2.3.4. Students with proper records pushed to mobile app

2.3.5. Training of examiners Guidelines available # of new examiners? Training materials

2.3.6. Training of students Mock exams necessary?! Presentation/information sufficient

2.3.7. Scheduling: Distribution of tablets in regions/programs How and where to pick up and hand in tablet?

2.3.8. Involvement of RO?

2.3.9. Push results to GK 24/7

2.3.10. Publication of results: how and when?

2.4. Evaluation

2.4.1. Online

2.4.2. Draw up list with questions Students Invigilators/examiners Schools: e.g. coordinators principal and teachers and IT officers Information and training prior to exams: preparation phase Actual conduction of licensing exams

2.4.3. Enter them in SurveyMonkey (or other tool)

2.4.4. Evaluatinon of Process Results Quality of questions/exams: analysis Training/instruction Quality of questions/exams: analysis

2.4.5. Adjustments and recommendations

3. Staff N&MC

3.1. Calender overview of periods of online examination and trainings, mock exams, availability of tablets?

3.2. Examination Unit on board? # of paperbased drops as # of online examinations rises --> reflection in staff involvement?

3.3. Internal training on:

3.3.1. online examination: what is it; how does it look like?

3.3.2. online examination: how does it affect our work and working procedures? Who is responsible for what?

3.3.3. Expand Moodle expertise within N&MC? Formatting questions Helpdesk during conduction? Training of students and examiners/invigilators?

4. Policy, Rules, Regulations

4.1. ONline examination part of rules & regulations

4.2. Policy document on online examination

4.3. Irregularities procedure

4.4. Accreditation of location: valid for ?

5. RCN 2019

5.1. See all tasks for six post basic programs