US History 2 Lessons Learned

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US History 2 Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History 2 Lessons Learned

1. great society: when the government creates a large wealth fair programs and decreases taxes the government debt increases

2. civil rights

2.1. none violence was fueling the movement of civil rights to all

2.1.1. media: black people got beat up on purpose and put it on the news to get a public opinion black panthers couldn't totally stand up to the police force

2.2. leadership

2.2.1. mlk malcom x many times civil rights leaders are assianated because they seem like a threat of status quo just because you killed a person doesn't mean you killed the idea

2.3. vietnam war

2.3.1. the soldiers were hated on when they got home. the lesson learned is that the soldiers cant be blamed for what happened during this war

3. technology

3.1. tv has changed the type of candidate that is running for president

3.2. cuban missle crisis

3.2.1. the us needs to compromise on foreign affairs to get results

3.3. vietnam

3.3.1. US used mostly nuclear bombs against the Vietnam. from this we learn that nuclear bombs are the way to go in war.

4. economy

4.1. civil rights protest

4.1.1. when a group of people stop using a service the service will go out of business

5. foreign relations

5.1. vietnam war

5.1.1. what we learned from the end of Vietnam war was that we cant leave trusting that everything will be okay with no war. the lesson learned is that we shouldn't go to war if we are just gonna leave after and/or if we don't know why we are fighting.