US History II Lessons learned

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US History II Lessons learned by Mind Map: US History II Lessons learned

1. ***Technology*** how does technology impact society?

1.1. When there are new advancements in technology there will be effects on warfare

1.2. Zimmerman telegram

1.3. modern warfare (tanks)

2. ***Media*** to what extent does the media influence people? to what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

3. ***civil rights***to what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

3.1. Holocaust: When America does not respond to a violation of human rights, that violation will grow worse

3.2. Japanese internment camp

3.3. KKK

4. ***Foreign relations*** how have foreign entanglements influence America?

4.1. Nuclear weapons/ H-bomb

4.2. Truman Doctrine

4.3. Berlin blockade

4.4. treaty of versailles

4.5. NATO

5. ***Government*** what is the role and responsibility of the American government?

5.1. prohibition: when the government trys to make popular drugs illegal they lose control of the trade and gangs and violence will follow

6. ***leaders and presidents*** what makes an effective or ineffective leader?

7. ***migration*** what causes migration and how has it impacted America?

7.1. when African Americans moved into cities they were able to develop their own culture

8. ***economics*** how has economics impacted america and Americans?

8.1. Great Depression: people started to take out too much credit

8.2. bubbles in the stock market

9. WWI

9.1. forming allies can draw the country into a broader conflict

9.2. when the U.S. is involved in world affairs to a large extent, it is hard to be neutral if a major conflict breaks out

9.3. league of nation

10. JFK + LBJ

10.1. The great society

10.1.1. when the government creates large welfare and decreases taxes, government debt will increase

10.2. Cuban missal crisis

10.2.1. soviet union tried to send over more missals into Cuba but the U.S. made a blockade

11. CR Movement

11.1. mlk and malcolm x got assassinated because they wanted everyone to be equal

11.2. freedom riders and walk in were supposed to get attentions because they didn't use violence

12. Vietnam

12.1. Vietnamization was the first mistake because the battle was a disaster, the South Vietnamese were sent to the North too early and couldn't defeat them

12.2. The U.S. soldiers didn't want to get involved and didn't care about the war, the families of the soldiers in the U.S. didn't support the war, the major lack of interest sent the U.S. downhill

12.3. The North Vietnamese was far more superior with their military tactics than the U.S. and the south, they knew how to hide in plain sight