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1. My name is Sofia Moreno

2. I was born in Sogamoso

3. My first fall

3.1. I started walking when I was 9 months

3.2. from there I started having several trips in my life

4. My hobbies

4.1. Listen to music

4.2. Watch series

4.3. Learn choreography

4.4. Learn Korean music

5. I like...

5.1. Sleep

5.2. Eat

5.3. Grilled chicken breast

5.4. Share with my family

5.5. Read motivational phrases

6. I don´t like...

6.1. Fish

6.2. Pear

6.3. Paint

6.4. Snakes

6.5. Horror movies

7. My Family

7.1. Mom: Sonia Reyes

7.1.1. Grandparents: Rosalba and Mario

7.2. Dad: Rafael Moreno

7.2.1. Grandparents: Miriam and Rafael

7.3. Brother: Miguel Moreno

8. My school's

8.1. I studied in Integrado Sogamoso ,and then I went to study my elementary school in Humboldt.

8.1.1. My experience was in both schools was very nice and fun

8.2. I am currently studying at the celco school

8.2.1. Here I met two incredible people, my best friends: Danna and Karol

9. My first time on bike

9.1. I was 9 years old, when I used my first bicycle

9.1.1. I remember that a friend taught me

9.2. I had many falls

10. My first word

10.1. my family tells me ,that my first word was my name.

11. What kind of music do I listen to?

11.1. I lovee K-pop

11.2. I like soo much pop

11.3. I love Justin bieber, BTS and more.

12. My dreams

12.1. One of my biggest dreams is to go to a BTS concert

12.2. I want to study medicine

12.3. have a stable and nice job

12.4. I want to meet many countries

12.5. I want to have a family

13. What have I learned throughout my life?

13.1. my parents always tell me: even if you have all the money in the world, love is above all

13.2. Although I have a very strong character, I always try to give my best

13.3. Respect and generosity are some of the most important values ​​for me, and every day I try to apply them