Reconstruction Map

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Reconstruction Map by Mind Map: Reconstruction Map

1. Black Southern Culture

1.1. Former slaves begin to push for freedom that similar to their master and absolute freedom

1.2. Former slaves begin to transition from field dominated work toward focusing on their families

1.3. Former slaves push for their own religious understanding creating their own church and school for their children

1.4. Former slaves wanting to own land and beginning to argue with slave master that the land was their

2. Jobs available after Civil War

2.1. Sharecropping began in certain regions as jobs for former slaves

2.2. Farmers saw themselves in a system know as Crop Lien which was a debt system and often did not work

3. Presidential elections/decisions

3.1. Andrew Johnson was in charge after Lincoln and was unable to compromise and was against criticism

3.1.1. Johnson instated new rules like black codes and vetoed the civil rights bill of 1866 In response congress decided to pass a Reconstruction act which divided the south into 5 military districts

3.1.2. Tenure of Office Act was an attempt to stop Andrew form firing office member without consent of the Senate

3.1.3. This lead to impeachment articles being brought up against Johnson but it did not come into fruition.

3.2. The creation of the 14 Amendment granting right to all citizen born in the United States

3.2.1. Creation of the 15 Amendment which prohibited denying any citizen the right to vote

4. Feminists and Radicals

4.1. Most women who tried to argue these new laws in court for their own right to votes were often look against and pushed aside

4.2. Carpet Baggers began to move into southern land and began to purchase off the land by the crumbling society of the south

5. Against the reconstruction

5.1. Ku Klux Klan began to reign terror among African Americans and threaten and often did public demonstration to make them leave