U.S History Lessons Learned

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U.S History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: U.S History Lessons Learned

1. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

1.1. World War 1

1.1.1. When the U.S. is involved in world affairs to a large extent, it is hard to be neutral if a major conflict breaks out.

1.1.2. Forming Allies can draw the country into a broader conflict.

1.2. Isolationism

1.2.1. we decided to stay isolated from other countries

1.2.2. This lead to things like the great depression and eventually world war 2

1.3. pivotal battles of ww2

1.3.1. Stalingrad taught Hitler that the soviet union is a bigger opponent than they thought.

1.3.2. okanowa suplies were cutoff

1.4. alliances

1.4.1. The cold war was about us having alliances with other countries against Communism. and the soviet union having alliances supporting Communism

1.4.2. It could either be a positive or negative affect

1.5. Marshal Plan

1.5.1. Helping other countries out with money and to rebuild their country allowed us to build things like nato and have good allies

1.6. Nato

1.6.1. Having allies helped prevent the soviet union from attacking some of the smaller countries around them.

1.7. vietnam

1.7.1. Gulf of Tonkin- This is when we thought that vietnam bombed one of our ships so we started a war with them. We shouldn't just try to start a war for any reason we can find because people might find out that the reason we started the war never happened like one of our ships getting bombed.

1.7.2. Vietnamization- We tried replacing our us troops with south Vietnamese troops they got destroyed by the north Vietnamese. We cant just send an army of another countries troops to fight because they might get destroyed by the other country.

1.7.3. containment- our main goal in this war was to contain communism in Vietnam. The north was communist and the south wasn't communist so we fought the north and supported the south. We failed to keep Vietnam a non-communist country and didn't keep containment.

1.7.4. soldiers- most of the soldiers in the war didn't want to be there and were drafted and forced to be their. this was a very hated war for Americans and soldiers didn't want to fight this war. when soldiers don't want to fight in a war then they will not do as good and will have a hard time wining the war.

2. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

2.1. 1920's radio

2.1.1. The radio started to connect people across america.

2.1.2. It allowed people to know what else was going on in our country and the world.

2.2. World war 1

2.2.1. Articles and news could completely change a persons mind even though it could be completely bias and not telling the full story.

2.3. red scare

2.4. Emmett till

2.4.1. Open casket allowed people to see how bad he was beat which stated the civil rights movement

2.5. Freedom riders

2.5.1. They caused violence that allowed them to get media attnetion

3. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

3.1. MAIN

3.1.1. when leader focus too much on MAIN it destabilizes world peace

3.1.2. Militarism, Alliances, Internationalism, nationalism

3.2. Great Depression

3.2.1. President Hoover and FDR had completely different plans to get us out of the Great Depression.

3.3. pivotal battles of ww2

3.3.1. .

3.4. Assisinations

3.4.1. There was a lot of assasinations because they supported civil rights. They all just supported the movement. Just because you kill a person doesnt mean you kill the idea.

3.5. Vietnam

3.5.1. Presidents- The president wouldnt tell the truth about many things and would hide a lot from the whole country about the war. when you lie to your country you will get a lot of backlash from the country.

4. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

4.1. post war technologoy

4.1.1. We created new things like cars and radios

4.1.2. We now use these things that the government created from the war

4.2. World War 1 Warefare

4.2.1. When there is a lot of new technology in society we will be unprepared for war and we would be ready for the technology.

4.3. spudnik

4.3.1. It started the space race and it proved that the soviet union was stronger than the U.S.

5. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

5.1. African Americans

5.1.1. Their culture started to mix with others and people were starting to connect with things such as jazz and other american arts.

5.2. Prohebition

5.2.1. It caused outrage in america when the government tried to ban alcohol. vviolance increased

5.3. Prostest

5.3.1. If you participate in a non violent protest it will take you a very long time to get what you want.

5.4. Great migration

5.4.1. Young people were ones that would mostly be the ones that protested and were the ones migrating

5.5. Black panthors

5.5.1. It stated to fall apart necause the yount people started to grow up

5.6. Civil right movements

5.6.1. African americans wanted to have rights in fhe future so they were willing to be beat or yelled for this

6. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

6.1. Great Society

6.1.1. When the government decreases taxes and creates large social programs, government dept will increase

6.2. JFK

6.2.1. He new htat we needed to compromise to get the missles out of cuba

6.3. Vietnam

6.3.1. The U.S. government lied and hid things for the people. They didn't say that they already wanted to be in the war and were just looking for a reason to start it, they didn't tell us how the south got destroyed when we sent just them in to fight the north, and they didn't tell us that they knew the north was going to attack the south as soon as we left. When you hide things and lie to your own country they will start to not trust the government like what happened in america

7. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

7.1. immigration

7.1.1. It shows if we let too many people come in our country they will take our jobs away and cause it harder for Americans to make money.

7.2. Communist cuba

7.2.1. When the goverment takes away provet buisnesses there wil be a mass migration of its citizents

8. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

8.1. 1920's working class situation

8.1.1. there were alot of immigrents coming in at this time and taking a lot of our jobs.

8.1.2. Woman weren't just working at their house they were going out and working

8.1.3. Wages increases and hours went down which gave people more time to enjoy life.

8.2. Credit 1920'

8.2.1. When ther is too much debt and too much credit taken out when there is a crash people have nothing to fall back on because they have no savings

8.3. Prohebition

8.3.1. They spent so much money on this and it was a failure.

8.4. Great Depression(New Deal)

8.4.1. when the New Deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and government dept increased

8.5. Causes of the Great Depression

8.5.1. Everyone invested in stocks with money they loaned and when the stock market crashed they lost that money and couldn't pay off their loan.

8.6. capitalist country

8.6.1. We want good trade partners which will help a lot. We used to be the china with trading. We also will usually help and be allies with countries that are willing to trade.

8.7. African americans

8.7.1. If African Americans want to mess up the economics they can like with the bus boycott.

8.7.2. Economic protest are very effective and things will usually change when you go forst someones pockets