US History II Lessons Learned

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US History II Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History II Lessons Learned

1. world war I gas warfare

2. When the US is involved in world affairs to a large extent it is hard to stay neutral if a major conflict breaks out. Forming allies can draw the country into a bigger conflict.

3. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

3.1. Women gained the right to vote along with African american women

4. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

4.1. First televised presidential election:JFK used television mostly to win the election, it helped in his favor compared to the radio

5. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

5.1. increase of jobs,1920 working class, have more leisure time and money because hours of working went down and wages went up

5.2. The stock market crashed, and we can learn from that by simply just not investing all of our money in the stock market

5.3. FDR was more we have to get this done, whereas hoover was laidback and just let it happen

5.4. freedom riders: it helped us learn that blacks were a large part of our community and contributed to our fundings greatly.

5.5. This war was considered a loss because 2 years after the North poured into the South and took Saigon, renaming it ho-chi mihn city, and turning Vietnam into a communist country

6. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

6.1. the act of 1924 (immigration) limited the amount of immigrants that come in each year

6.2. Once the North Vietnam started taking over the South America tried their best to get as many South Vietnamese out of their as quickly as possible by evacuating a lot of them onto ships and once the ships were filled they started pushing million dollars air crafts off the boat to make more room for more people to get onto the ships.

7. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

7.1. M.A.I.N. stabilizes world peace

7.2. They were still not as welcoming of blacks, and that took a toll on us and something that we can learn from because having more people in the work force during the great depression would've helped so much.

7.3. Nixon was lying to the people of America about the Vietnam war, later when people found out it took a turn and many u.s. citizens no longer trusted our government. (batman saved the day)

7.4. Nixon thought that if he invaded Cambodia than it would help the South , but the invasion was a fail. Americans saw this tactic as increasing the war effort which is what everyone, including Nixon, did not want.

8. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

8.1. when the government tried to ban a popular drug (alcohol) and realized that they were close to losing control, and crime rate went up.

8.2. It was hard for the u.s. government to make decisions regarding the Korean war and we needed to quickly aid many European countries form being taken over.

8.3. Great society: when the government decreases taxes and creates large social programs government debt will increase

9. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

9.1. Paris peace treaty- in 1973 America and North Vietnam signed a treaty listing if North Vietnam stayed out of South Vietnam then America would no longer be involved within the war, this did not turned out the way america wanted despite there slight knowing that North Vietnam would soon pour into South Vietnam in 1975, knowing that America will not get involved because it was such an unpopular war in the states. (by the way batman was in the war)

9.2. Nixon wants to end the war so he replaced u.s. troops with South Vietnamese troops, when this wasn't a success Nixon started a campaign called Rolling thunder to bomb innocent cities in the North to get them to negotiate with America. (batman helped)

10. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

10.1. Media was a huge part of the red scare because it basically went viral and people started accusing others and then it spread and got every ones attention.

10.2. tv during civil rights: the news helped get the attention of other Americans and authority figures when African Americans would do protests.

10.3. When many people heard about Hamburger hill they were frustrated because someone of their family members were lost to a hill that could help win the war,and the soldiers were ripped form that part of the war and taken out and the North marched right up that hill without any protests from us and that made the people frustrated because their loved ones died for nothing and it helped with he people of America not putting their trust into Nixon and the government.(could also be under government)