Computer Brainstorming Assignment

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Computer Brainstorming Assignment by Mind Map: Computer Brainstorming Assignment

1. Graphics

2. Setting

3. Story

4. Characters

5. Plot

6. Sound

7. Dinosaur Era- in caves, grasslands.

8. The characters vary for each time period. You can choose your character for each time period.

9. Dinosaur Era- Caveman, Different types of dinosaurs

10. Medieval Times- Knights, Kings, Queens, Wizards, Dragons

11. WW2- Soldiers, Tanks, Generals

12. Space- aliens, astronauts

13. Medieval Times- castles, forests, jousting area, king arthur's table

14. The story is that once upon a time, there was a time traveller who travelled in time to stop world disaster from happening. The world was perfect, until the time traveller mysteriously disappeared. But, before he disappeared, he left a note saying that one day, this boy will find him. So a few eons went by and finally the boy was born. One night, he had a dream from the time traveller to find him. He goes through different time periods to find him.

15. WW2- battlefield, on ships, in the air.

16. Space- Different Planets, asteroids, alien spaceships,

17. The sound will correspond to the setting of the games. As there are different settings, there will be different soundtracks. For example the dinosaur era will have dinosaurs roaring and some other intense music. The medieval times will have battling sounds and heroic music. For the WW1/WW2 era, I will have explosion sounds and gunfire sounds. For the space era, I will have laser sounds and some weird alien sounds.

18. The graphics will be cartoon and the scenes will be both made in piskel and in scratch.

19. Exposition: It starts off with the time traveller disappearing mysteriously. Nobody knew where he went. A few eons later, a boy was born and he had a dream to find the time traveller. He grew up and went on the journey to find him.

20. Rising Action- along the way, there was another time traveller who tried to stop the boy from finding the missing one. He goes through different time periods. Then finds him in the time dimension.

21. Climax- the boy finds the time traveller and finds out who the person stopping him is. It is his brother. The boy duels with his brother and the evil time traveller gets defeated.

22. Falling Action- The time traveller regains his ability and gives some to the boy. They together make a time portal and travel back to their dimension/ time period.

23. Resolution- they all live happily ever after.

24. Some characters will be drawn by hand and some will be taken from other games.