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planning a meal by Mind Map: planning a meal

1. Nutrition

1.1. veggie servings

1.2. limit sugar and salt

1.3. amount of calories in the recipe

1.4. protein

2. resources

2.1. its takes about an hour to meal prep

2.2. each recipe has a different amount of money spent for a week

3. cultural traditions

3.1. feasts

3.2. thanks givings

3.3. wakes

3.4. Christmas

4. social influences

4.1. Facebook videos

4.2. commercials about fast food

4.3. YouTube recipe videos

5. special dietary

5.1. healthy foods

5.2. lack toast and tolerant

5.3. low carb food

6. types of stores

6.1. walmart

6.2. safe way

6.3. save on foods

7. how do you consider witch products to buy?

7.1. how old the expiry date is.

7.2. the price amount it is

7.3. what its packaged inn