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Internet by Mind Map: Internet

1. History

1.1. Press of the arrow for video

2. Key Words

2.1. Need to ensure that you are only using short, sharp, important key words to get exactly what you are looking for

3. Search Engines

3.1. Google

3.2. Yahoo

3.3. Bing


3.5. DuckDuckGo

3.6. References

3.6.1. Top 10 Search Engines In The World

4. Browsers

4.1. Internet Explorer

4.2. Firefox

4.3. Safari

4.4. Google Chrome

4.5. Opera

5. Do's & Don'ts

5.1. Do

5.1.1. Use the internet responsibly

5.1.2. Use the internet for schoolwork and educational purposes

5.1.3. Use anti-virus software

5.2. Don't

5.2.1. Download anything from the internet unless, you are 100% positive you know exactly what it is

5.2.2. Give out personal information

5.2.3. Copy information from the internet that is not use

6. Safety

6.1. Keep personal information limited online

6.2. Keep your privacy settings on when possible

6.3. Do not use strange wifi's that you haven't used before

6.4. Use a capital letter, lowercase letter, and number in each password

6.5. Be careful what websites you purchase things from

6.6. Use anti-virus systems

6.7. Stick to using websites that end in gov, edu, wa, org