Choosing a language elective at school

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Choosing a language elective at school by Mind Map: Choosing a  language elective at school

1. Unlocks Future Pathways

1.1. Live/Work/Travel Overseas

1.2. Government/Business Roles

1.3. Career Advancement

1.4. Becoming a Global Citizen

2. Personal Growth

2.1. Independence

2.2. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

2.3. Personal Identity and Self-Awareness

2.4. Appreciation for the World Beyond Exams and School - Relieves Stress

2.5. Enhanced Cognitive and Practical Skills

2.5.1. Creativity

2.5.2. Memory Skills

2.5.3. Multi-Tasking

3. Develops Practical Capabilities

3.1. Empathy

3.2. Adaptability

3.3. Problem Solving

3.4. Interpersonal Skills

3.5. Language Proficiency

3.6. Intercultural Competence

3.6.1. Social Etiquettes and Networking

3.6.2. Cross-Cultural Communication/Mediator

3.6.3. Embracing Diversity and Representing Personal Cultures

4. Boosts ATAR Scores