List of wishes for our project

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List of wishes for our project by Mind Map: List of wishes for our project

1. activities

1.1. visiting a farm

1.2. hiking

1.3. enviromental activities: tree planting, sea cleaning

1.4. rafting

1.5. walking on Alps

1.6. climbing

1.7. riding horses

1.8. fishing

1.9. swimming

1.10. kayak

1.11. camping with tents

1.12. make traditional sweets, biscuits, sugar houses

1.13. visit museums

1.14. school tour

1.15. waterpark

1.16. visit Makrinitsa

1.17. shopping

1.18. rope climbing

1.19. bike riding

2. ideas

2.1. buy each other presents for christmas

2.2. a Workshop in which we will make something e.g. from clay and we will keep it as souvenir

2.3. karaoke

2.4. beach party

2.5. pyjama party

3. interaction

3.1. We sing a traditional song and dance a traditional dance of the partner-country

4. communication

4.1. Videoconference, Skype

4.2. chat