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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Coach Evan Bailey

1.1. My coach, Evan Bailey is a 1st degree contact for the support he helps me in baseball for the future andpresent.

2. Mom and Dad

2.1. My parents have always and will provide me support for everything I do and throughout the years, they have helped me in school and in life in general

3. My Brother

3.1. Similar to my parents, my brother and I help each other. My brother is 3 years older and leads me into success and he is always telling me way to go about things.

4. My Friend

4.1. My friend, Connor Richards could help me get better every practice in baseball as we both correct each other and keep us in check,

5. Teachers

5.1. Teachers around KSS can help me for my future and could learn some tips.

6. Dad's Friend

6.1. Lito is my dad's friend and we know each other well and he could help me in the business industry and learn more about it.

7. Coach Derek Renneberg

7.1. This coach I have known for 5 years and got me started in Kelowna. He could always give me feedback and help for baseball and my future.

8. Neighbor

8.1. My neighbor beside us owns a cafe downtown and they could help again in the business industry and tips to use.

9. Dr. Morris

9.1. My family doctor can help me in getting into the health industry as I would love to become a physiotherapist.

10. Travis

10.1. Travis is a worker at GoodLife fitness and I seee him regularly. He is a personal trainer and I could get to know him more for information about the job.

11. Professional Scouts

11.1. I want to know one or two professional scouts because I have lots of questions to ask and use to my advantage for baseball. Like, "what do you look for in a good ballplayer?"

12. Murray Holmes

12.1. Murray is a physiotherapist in Kelowna and I would love to know how he got into the business and what subjects he studied for to get into physiotherapy.

13. Dad's Realtor Insructor

13.1. I have been interested in realtors and how they go about their business. It would be helpful to know more about the business and money use.

14. Counsellor

14.1. The counsellor in Kelowna I would like to more to help me guide a plan for my future.

15. Jared Young

15.1. Jared Young is professional baseball player and used to play for the team I play for today and I want to know more about him so I could understand what it really takes.