Integrating FNMI and Technology

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Integrating FNMI and Technology by Mind Map: Integrating FNMI and Technology

1. Digital storytelling: connects a traditional way of sharing culture with current technology.

2. Math

2.1. explore numeracy through traditional games that are found online.

2.2. Introduce Aboriginal context to math, games, and puzzles.

3. ELA

3.1. Videographies of contemporary Aboriginal people

3.2. link: Aboriginal Perspectives

3.3. link:

4. Science

4.1. Use virtual reality to explore traditional environments: plants and animals

4.2. Use astronomy apps to connect the night sky with traditional story telling and skills

5. Social Studies

5.1. Videographies to teach history and implications of the past on current society

6. Events: Cultural & Celebrations

6.1. Use video conferencing to engage with elders, be brought into real life events, Pow Wows, and other celebrations of significance. Social media could also be used to celebrate the classes participation in significant events.