Project Management

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Project Management by Mind Map: Project Management

1. Scope Management

1.1. Defining the work that must be done

1.2. Controlling the work

2. Time Management

2.1. Estimating a reasonable completion date

2.2. developing workable project schedule

2.3. ensuring the timely completion of the project

3. Cost Management

3.1. Developing and managing the project budget

4. Quality Management

4.1. Ensures that the project will meet the needs

4.1.1. Quality Planning

4.1.2. Quality Assurance

4.1.3. Quality Control

5. Human Resource Management

5.1. effective use of the people

6. Communication Management

6.1. Involves the generation, collection, dissemination, and storage of project information in a timely and effective manner

7. Risk Management

7.1. Project risk

7.1.1. Identify

7.1.2. Analyze

7.1.3. Manage

8. Procurement Management

8.1. Acquiring goods and services

8.2. Make or buy decision

9. Project Integration Management

9.1. Assimilation of the eight other project management areas