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1. Scope Management

1.1. The work that must be done as part of the project

1.2. Scope change process

2. Time Management

2.1. Estimating a reasonable completion date

2.2. Developing a project schedule

2.3. Work breakdown structure

3. Communications Management

3.1. Generation, collection, dissemination, and storage or project information

3.2. Consists of champion, sponsor, end users, and project team members

4. Procurement Management

4.1. Make or buy decision

4.2. Involves acquiring doods and/or services for the project

5. Cost Management

5.1. Developing and managing the project budget

5.2. Can use WBS to estimate costs

6. Quality Management

6.1. Ensures the project will meed the needs for which it was undertaken

6.2. Assurance and control

7. Human Resource Management

7.1. Making the most effective use of people involved in the project

7.2. Some compromises are made

7.3. Forming-storming-norming-performing model

8. Risk Management

8.1. Identify, analyze, and manage project risks

8.2. Develop a backup plan

9. Project Integration Management

9.1. Assimilation of all eight other project management knowledge areas

9.2. Needs coordination of all appropriate people, resources, plans, and efforts to complete a project

9.3. Integrated change control