Emily Kang

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Emily Kang by Mind Map: Emily Kang

1. Academics

1.1. Maintaining a good GPA

1.2. Talking with Advisors on determining my majors and minors

2. Internships

2.1. Finding an internship in the field I am interested in

2.1.1. Would like to work in a school (due to all my past experiences in working as a teacher)

2.2. Creating connections with people

2.3. Having real-life experiences to see if I'm really interested in this field

3. Classes I'm Interested In/Possible Majors

3.1. Lingustics

3.1.1. Speech Therapist

3.2. Education

3.2.1. Elementary teacher

3.2.2. TESOL/ESL teacher

3.3. Languages

3.3.1. Korean

3.3.2. Japanese

3.3.3. Spanish

3.4. Psychology

4. Volunteer Work

4.1. Fulfilling required amount of hours for Macaulay

4.2. Volunteer at CARCEN (TESOL volunteer place)

4.3. Helping community

4.3.1. Soup Kitchen

4.3.2. Church Mission Trips

4.4. Volunteering at my church's Vacation Bible Study School as a teacher

4.5. Interested in TELC Volunteer program that is part of Laguardia Community College- program for ESL tutoring

5. Clubs

5.1. Want to take opportunity of all the clubs Queens College offers

5.1.1. ASIA Club

5.1.2. Some type of education-related Club

5.1.3. Community Service Club

5.2. In the future, I want to pursue a leadership position in at least one of the clubs I join

6. Study Abroad

6.1. A place that will relate to my major

6.2. Places I'm already interested in

6.2.1. Spain Because I want to improve my Spanish skills in addition to the Spanish classes I take at Queens College (I am taking Spanish next semester)

7. Summer Plans

7.1. Maybe take additional Queens College classes to ensure I complete all the requirements for my major- so I can graduate in 4 years

7.2. Find a part-time job to start earning own income

7.3. Looking for volunteer opportunities

8. Scholarship/Awards

8.1. Would like to apply for scholarships to use towards graduate school fees

8.2. Awards already won

8.2.1. November 2018- CBTU scholarship from mother's work

9. Outside Interests

9.1. Music

9.1.1. Piano

9.1.2. Guitar

9.1.3. Vocal