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Content Creation Plan E-Commerce by Mind Map: Content Creation Plan E-Commerce

1. Eyewear Trends 2019

1.1. Men

1.1.1. Vintage Vibes Retro-inspired round shades Seventies-inspired Aviators

1.1.2. Minimalistic design Small Triangle Shaped Sunglasses Light Tints Amber Green Yellow The Rimless Frame

1.1.3. Distinctive and Bold BOLD, THICK RIMMED

1.1.4. Classics Black Transparent Tortoiseshell frames

1.1.5. The Rimless Frame

1.2. Women

1.2.1. The Super-Slim Cat Eye

1.2.2. The Extended Rectangle

1.2.3. The Shield

1.2.4. The Rimless Frame

1.2.5. The Retro Sports Aviator

1.2.6. The Square Frame

1.3. Arjun Reddy Glasses

2. Spectacles Care

2.1. How to get scratches out of frames and lenses?

2.2. Best way to clean Glasses

3. Lenses

3.1. Anti-Blue Light Lenses


3.1.2. Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Actually Do Anything

3.1.3. Harmful Effects 4. Blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration. 5. Blue light contributes to digital eye strain. 6. Blue light protection may be even more important after cataract surgery.

3.1.4. Positive Effects 7. Not all blue light is bad. It's well documented that some blue light exposure is essential for good health. Research has shown that high-energy visible light boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function and elevates mood.

3.2. Night Vision Glasses for Driving

3.2.1. Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses

3.2.2. Anti-Reflection Coating

3.2.3. "Yellow 'Night Driving' lenses have been shown to provide no benefit. The Dangers of Night Driving Glasses - Laramy-K Independent Optical Lab - Digital Uncut Lenses and AR Coatings

3.3. Progressive Lenses

3.3.1. How do I find the right progressive lenses? Ultra-thin and super light. Index Brands Essilor Zeiss Kodak Nikon Coatings Individual vs Conventional Adaptation Time

4. Websites

4.1. Designer Eyeglasses Online with 10 Year Warranty | Coco Leni