Home alone

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Home alone by Mind Map: Home alone

1. Why

1.1. words

1.1.1. platform meeting miss manage unhappy order business

1.2. phrases

1.2.1. a couple of be busy doing sth. fight with in a hurry by accident

1.3. sentences

1.3.1. It’s leaving from platform 2.

1.3.2. Acutally, they managed every minute of my life.

1.3.3. They are planning to fly to Paris for the holiday and are busy getting ready.

2. What happened

2.1. words

2.1.1. miss lock simple anybody clock ring passenger address text sofa midnight empty unable burn cup task

2.2. phrases

2.2.1. wake up look after Be careful with/of Make sure hand in cook simple meals be worried about hurry to do sth. ask sb. for sth. be unable to do sth. tidy up. say goodbye to sb. steal from take away

2.3. sentences

2.3.1. Be especially careful with the door.

2.3.2. I can look after myself.

2.3.3. The next morning, I woke up late.

2.3.4. I was unable to play basketball with my classmates!

2.3.5. I found myself so bad at simple cooking

2.3.6. Many things in the house get broken as Kevin tries to stop them.

2.3.7. I was unable to play basketball with my classmates!

3. Result

3.1. words

3.2. phrases

3.2.1. be happy to do sth. tidy up

3.3. sentences

3.3.1. They were happy to find that I could cook and tidy up now.