Visible Learning for Teachers: Key Concepts

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Visible Learning for Teachers: Key Concepts by Mind Map: Visible Learning for Teachers: Key Concepts

1. Visible Teaching & Learning

1.1. clear expectations for teaching and learning for both teachers and students

1.2. purposeful practice towards achieving a goal

1.3. feedback is provided and expected

1.4. active, engaging, passionate participation

2. Effect Size

2.1. allows a comparison of results based on different parameters of time or between groups

2.2. Interventions can make a difference

3. Learning Environments

3.1. students feel comfortable to make mistakes

3.2. learning opportunities and feedback

4. Students

4.1. self-teach

4.2. self-monitor

4.3. self-evaluate

4.4. self-assess

5. Accomplished Teachers

5.1. focus on cognitive engagement, problem solving, students attaining fluency of knowledge

5.2. Provide and Seek feedback

5.3. understand HOW we learn

5.4. view learning through the eyes of students

6. Expert Teachers

6.1. Passionate and Inspired

6.1.1. Identify most important ways to teach a subject

6.1.2. Create an environment for an enhanced learning experience

6.1.3. Monitor learning and give feedback

6.1.4. Believe in the ability of students to demonstrate success

6.1.5. affect surface and deep level student outcomes

7. Teaching Roles

7.1. activate

7.2. evaluate