Delivery of Woman's Services

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Delivery of Woman's Services by Mind Map: Delivery of Woman's Services

1. In WGH

1.1. No Cost

1.2. No additional staff required

1.3. Risk assessments of the building carried out - assessed as a safe place to work

1.4. Female offending having to wait in reception with male offenders - intimidating environment

1.5. Demand on interview rooms

1.6. Need to be signposted to other services

1.7. Staff would be able to pick up duty tasks

2. In One Stop Shop

2.1. Cost implications - would need to source funding

2.2. Female only environment

2.3. Partnership agencies on site

2.3.1. Hafyn Cymru

2.3.2. Woman's Aid

2.3.3. Victim Support

2.3.4. CRC Would allow offender to access women's only group

2.3.5. BAWSO

2.4. Staff Implications - would require additional Admin

2.5. No computer facilities available

2.6. Less staff around to pick up duty tasks