Video Game Addiction

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Video Game Addiction by Mind Map: Video Game Addiction

1. Effects on Health

1.1. What kind of effects does video games do on some mentally and physically?

1.1.1. Even the pro-gammers?

2. Effects on the whole world

2.1. I've had this theory that as Video games keep evolving, they may just be strong enough to take over the world.

2.1.1. Our generation is already so much engaged with video games.

3. Seriousness

3.1. How serious is Video Game Addiction?

3.2. In south korea, they had to make laws about how long you can be on the internet.

3.2.1. They made curfews for children to be online playing video games.

4. Treatments

4.1. What kinds of treatments have doctors tried to use on people with Video Game Addiction?

4.1.1. Shocking brains?!

5. Growth of graphics

5.1. Does the changes in graphics have a affect on how Video Game Addiction accurred?

5.2. Like from pasic pong to well known games such as Call of Duty, Skyrim, etc.

6. Evolution of Video Games

6.1. Just how far have video games come?

6.1.1. How far will video games go?