Brewing Market Coffee In Dale Meyers Eyes

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Brewing Market Coffee In Dale Meyers Eyes by Mind Map: Brewing Market Coffee In Dale Meyers Eyes

1. People

1.1. Staff

1.1.1. Day to day employees Changes a lot New People every year Young

1.1.2. Manager Friends with Dale Here every day Should get rid of her boyfriend

1.2. People on their laptop

1.2.1. People coming to work

1.2.2. People Coming to study

1.2.3. Work Around other people

1.3. Me (Dale Meyer)

1.3.1. Here to read Only person with a news paper Popular Person in the space People talk to him

1.3.2. Here to talk to people

1.3.3. Here to be around others

1.3.4. Has Friends here

2. Place

2.1. The Back Nook Room

2.1.1. The fire place

2.1.2. Quiet

2.1.3. Lots of People

2.1.4. My Favorite Place

2.2. The Counter

2.2.1. Loud

2.2.2. Always a line

2.2.3. No place to sit

2.3. The Front Room

2.3.1. People talking

2.3.2. Older people

2.3.3. More then one person

2.3.4. Where I sit when there's no room in Nook

2.4. Outside

2.4.1. Always people talking together

2.4.2. Very nice in the Summer

2.4.3. Lots of groups

3. Reasons Why I Come Here

3.1. Its Close to my house

3.2. Good people

3.3. Interesting people

3.4. I have been coming here for years