B1 Exam Format

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B1 Exam Format by Mind Map: B1 Exam Format

1. CO (LISTENINGx2) 25points. 30'

1.1. T1: Matching headings (6p)

1.1.1. Select the best heading that summarises the audio extract. 1 extra heading!!

1.2. T2: Gap-fill (7p)

1.2.1. Complete the sentences with 1-3 words (inc. numbers)

1.3. T3: True-False (6p)

1.3.1. Decide if the sentences are true or false according to what you hear

1.4. T4: Multiple choice (6p)

1.4.1. Choose the best option (a,b,c) for each sentence according to wht you hear

2. EE (WRITING) 25points. 75'

2.1. T1: Interaction (e-mail-10p) Write an answer to an e-mail and mention 3 specific points. 110-140 words.

2.1.1. Word no. & Format!

2.2. T2: Production (composition-15p) Write a composition on a topic, including 3 specific points. 150-180 words.

2.2.1. Word no. & Format!

3. EO (SPEAKING) 25points. 15'

3.1. T1: Interaction (dialogue with a partner) 1 min. preparation + 4-5 min. conversation. You need to agree on a situation which has 3 points to mention. Your answers need to be based on 3 specific preferences mentioned on your speaking card.

3.1.1. Help your partner, don't monopolize!

3.2. T2: Monologue (speaking about a topic) 1 min. preparation + 2-3 min. speaking. You have 2 pictures related to a topic on your card, which you need to compare, contrast and justify.

3.2.1. Keep talking! the truth isn't necessary...

4. CE (READING) 25points. 60'

4.1. T1: Matching headings (6p)

4.1.1. Choose the best title for each text. More texts than headings!

4.2. T2: Multiple matching (6p)

4.2.1. Choose the best titles for each text. More headings than texts!

4.3. T3: True-False (6p)

4.3.1. Decide if the sentences about a text are true or false

4.4. T4: Multiple choice (7p)

4.4.1. Choose the best option (a,b,c) for questions about a text