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AC1.2 by Mind Map: AC1.2

1. How crimes become official statistics

1.1. Crime is committed

1.2. Observed by witness or victims

1.3. Crime is reported

1.4. Police records the crime

1.5. Police investigate

1.6. Police arrest offender

1.7. Suspect is charged with a crime

1.8. Suspect appears in court


1.9.1. Crime is reported in crime status


1.10.1. There are no witnesses

1.10.2. Lack of evidence

1.10.3. Unreported


1.10.5. Unaware that a crime has occurred

2. Reasons for not reporting crime

2.1. Fear of Losing job

2.1.1. Blackmail against family or career

2.2. Victims doesn't want to relive experience

2.2.1. Victims might be embarrassed

2.2.2. Cannot physically report crime ( Disability, language barrier etc.)

2.3. Lack of evidence

2.3.1. Victims may be unaware that it is happening/ don't know if it is a crime

2.4. Manipulation

2.4.1. Threatened by offender

2.4.2. Fear of repercussions

2.4.3. Don't want loved ones to get into trouble

2.5. Lack of finances

2.5.1. Inequalities in social class

2.6. Fear of shaming family

2.7. Witnesses feel sympathy

2.7.1. Witnesses feel that it does not directly affect them ( Not their problem )

2.7.2. Witnesses don't want to get involved

2.8. Crime is normalised

2.8.1. In some religions it is normal for males to be dominant

2.8.2. Socialisation is different in different countries

2.9. Complexity of crime

2.10. Might be incriminating themselves

3. Why certain crimes aren't reported

3.1. Common assualt

3.1.1. Low level of contact, little or no injury

3.1.2. Threaten violence but not actually acts upon it

3.2. Domestic abuse

3.2.1. Victim cares about offender Still in love with them

3.2.2. Fear of repercussions if they do report it to the police

3.2.3. No where else to go Offenders isolate victims

3.2.4. Male victims feel embarrassed

3.3. Vandalism

3.3.1. Often seen as someone else problem

3.3.2. Don't feel like its worth wasting police time

3.4. Rape

3.4.1. Embarrassment or shame

3.4.2. Victims don't want to relive experience

3.4.3. Victim-blaming

3.4.4. Pride and reputation

3.5. Perceived victimless crimes

3.5.1. Unaware that it is happening

3.5.2. Hard to detect Offenders are able to cover their tracks

3.5.3. Don't realise that it is an actual crime/ may feel sympathy E.g. vagrancy

3.5.4. People feel that it is none of their business E.g. prostitution Not viewed as serious Legal in a few countries