Game Design Challenge Brainstorming Assignment- By: Rayan

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Game Design Challenge Brainstorming Assignment- By: Rayan by Mind Map: Game Design Challenge Brainstorming Assignment- By: Rayan

1. Leo Dodges the Obstacles

1.1. Setting: The setting of this project will take place in many different places across the story. There will be 5 levels in total. There is a setting where the floor is completely blank, and has no obstacle to dodge in level 1. In level 2 a part of the floor will be filled with lava and you will have blocks to help you get past this lava. In the 3rd level there will be a bunch of obstacles thrown at you which you will have to dodge, and in the 4th level a monster will throw lava at you and try to kill you. The last level will consist of many blocks which have lava in them that will kill you, and blocks that you will be safe in. For all of the levels you advance in the levels by making it to the door.

1.1.1. Graphics: The graphics will be cartoon and will be fantasy. This is entirely because things like this are most likely not to happen to you. Sound: There will be music playing most of the game ( may change my opinion while i am making the game). The music will most likely be tense music for almost the whole game, but when you beat the monster's challenge, that is when the music will turn into happy music.

2. Story

2.1. Story, Part 1: The story starts off the game, a monster tells you that there is a precious material at the end of the hallway, that he stole and is very important to the city. He tells you that if you want to get it and save the city then you will have to beat his little challenge, which are the levels.

2.1.1. Story, Part 2: The second part is when you pass the first 3 levels, there will be the monster there. The monster will be mad that his challenge didn't kill you and decides to try his best to get rid of you. He then starts throwing fireballs that you have to dodge and you have to make it to the door without letting 1 fireball touch you. Since his fireballs can kill you with one hit. Usually things kill you with two hits, but the monster's fireballs are special. Story, Part 3: The last part is when you get to the precious material. The monster finds you and you have to run away to the exit door, before the monster can catch you buy throwing his webs. When you make it to the door the game ends with the monster being exceptionally mad with himself.

3. Plot and Characters

3.1. Plot: In this game the main objective is to dodge all of the obstacles that the monster throws at you, and complete all of the challenges he gives you. After this your main goal is to successfully reach the door without the monster killing you, with the trophy.

3.1.1. Characters: There are 2 characters and they are the main characters. The characters are the monster and you ( which is Leo). There are different objects being thrown at you, and they consist of trucks, cars, rocks being thrown. Lava is also being thrown at you, and there are many blocks to help you get to your destination which is the door.

4. Additional Information

4.1. Controls: Use the arrow keys to move sideways, and to walk or run straight or backwards. The space key will be used for you to jump, which is probably the most important key in the game as it helps you dodge the obstacles by jumping and to complete level 5 you need to jump from block to block to reach the door.