What's my value?

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What's my value? by Mind Map: What's my value?

1. I can figure out how to sell/market anything

2. I can find a target audience for any product or offer

3. I am a great copywriter

4. I build email campaigns

5. I make my friends laugh

6. I can read other people. I know what's important to them.

7. I see opportunity in failure

8. I make great babies

9. I instantly increase profits of a business by increasing average customer value, buyer frequency, etc

10. I'm a great problem solver

11. I'm generous. I give freely to my "family"

12. I can create systems in life and business to free up time and create more freedom

13. I am great at outsourcing

14. I'm good conversation. I'm a great listener. I'm an empathetic communicator. I help my dialogue partner to figure out their own problems

15. I'm reliable. If you need help, you can count on me.

16. I create money out of thin air. I help people start making money out of nowhere. I help them create their own economy.

17. I know traffic. I am a master at paid traffic. I know how to drive traffic while breaking even or turning a profit

18. I'm great at managing time

19. I'm great at managing personal and professional life to create the perfect life balance

20. I'm great at creating the right work environment to achieve my goals

21. I'm a great student

22. I'm a leader

23. I discern between opportunities and make right decisions

24. I'm a man of my word. I am a man of great integrity. I don't compromise on my values. I keep my word. I follow through

25. I take care of my "family"

26. I'm a great executor of tasks that lead to my goals

27. I'm failure resistant. I am persistent.

28. I'm progress driven. I strive for improvement and progress in every area of my life.

29. I'm a great role model for my family.