Language didactics

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Language didactics by Mind Map: Language didactics

1. Method

1.1. constructed by

1.1.1. Experts in the ELT field

1.2. implies

1.2.1. Advanced planning and control in terms of Teacher roles Learner roles Sequencing of content and materials applicable Any context Set of procedures

1.3. Classification

1.3.1. Language-centered methods focus on Linguistic form

1.3.2. Learner-centered methods focus on Learners needs, wants and situations

1.3.3. Learning-centered methods focus on Cognitive processes

1.4. Post-method era

1.4.1. focus on teaching and language processes

1.4.2. importance to Contributions of the individual teacher using

1.4.3. towards Pedagogy of language teaching

2. Approach

2.1. relationship betwen

2.1.1. Learning

2.1.2. Language

2.2. Provides the theoretical foundation

2.2.1. Method

2.3. Conceptualize

2.3.1. Apprentissage

2.3.2. Language learning

2.3.3. Pedagogical sets

2.4. refers to

2.4.1. Philosophy or belief system Theory of language Theory of learning

2.5. supports

2.5.1. a conceptualisation

3. Technique

3.1. Procedure

3.1.1. Facilitating the understanding Activities Tasks Use language with communicative purposes

3.1.2. Specification of context

3.2. facilitates

3.2.1. a task or activity

3.3. enables

3.3.1. leaning objectives

4. Methodology

4.1. what

4.1.1. teachers actually do in the classroom Based on empirical experiences Language teaching provides practices procedures management of learning

4.2. The task

4.2.1. Selecting learning

4.2.2. Sequential learning

4.2.3. Justifying learning