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1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose

1.2. Stakeholders

1.3. Project Team

1.4. Related Documents

1.5. Author(s)

1.6. Sign-Off List

1.6.1. Training

1.6.2. Channels

1.6.3. International

1.6.4. Public Sector

1.6.5. Sales

1.6.6. Marketing Communications

1.6.7. Product Management

2. Create an app around business

2.1. Healthcare Web developers and Vice presidents

2.2. 24 hours access to Emergency services easily accessible through Emergent Access app

2.3. Initially wanted to be a non profit but I will think of an Annual fee , not sure as of yet what is fair to charge.

2.3.1. Seek out people and healthcare professionals two sided customer

2.4. Answer their worry questions, I am worried that I have to spend alot of hours in the Emergency room (Patients)...(Healthcare Workers) I am worried that HIPAA laws will be violated. First Answer, the App gives you an estimated timeframe for when you are about to be seen by physician. Second Answer, only information asked will be Name ,Date of birth, address and email address, and how you will be getting to the hospital. Medical records numbers and social security numbers aren't necessary and any symptoms are solely to the patients discretion and only kept on the hospitals end.

3. Plan

3.1. There is a great Market for this service, I have sent emails and asked, everyone feels like this is a problem solver.

3.1.1. Situational Analysis / Drivers What is driving us to do this? SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Customer Findings - What have we learned from customers?

3.1.2. Competitive Analysis Do we have competitors and threats in these target markets with the proposed offerings? What are our competitors doing and how are they positioning? How do we position against each competitor?

3.1.3. Target Customer(s) Buyer Profile Title Industry Geography Business Size Influencer Profile User Profile What do customers want and need? What business problems do each of these customers have?

3.1.4. Customer Segmentation Which customers or sets of customers do we sell to? What are the target market segments that we want to go after? What are the distinct problems for each segment of the market?

3.1.5. Total Available Market New Prospects How much of each target segment have we penetrated? How much opportunity is available in each target segment? Existing Customers Can we up-sell existing customers?

3.2. Offer Definition

3.2.1. Service Offer Emergent Access 24 hour Access to Emergency services, Access Emergency services and input identification information and possible symptoms before your visit to speed up process and procedure, upon arrival all you need is to verify identity, see nurse and receive wait status. Emergent Access also provides E.M.T transportation service and other transportation providers and Nurses and Suicide prevention Hotlines. EMERGENT ACCESS, 24 hour Access to Emergency services easily accessible through Emergent Access app. Non profit or Annual fee ( on the fence ) Prototype not designed yet My position is to be white labeled and sold to the state New Topic

3.2.2. Value Proposition The value proposition to the customers is it saves time and Aids in their health care if in some cases the Emergency department is used as primary care What pain are we solving?

3.2.3. Business Proposal New Topic New Topic

3.3. Sales Execution Plan

3.3.1. Financial Analysis Revenue Forecasts Revenue and P&L Forecast (5 Years) Revenue should be split out quarterly Cost Analysis Should include a description of the costs in entering this business and profitability analysis Profitability Analysis P&L for the offer to include gross margin, net income and break even analysis.

3.3.2. Sales Strategy Direct Sales Strategy Inside Sales Strategy Channel Sales Strategy

3.3.3. Partner Strategy Channel Strategy What 3rd party channels should we consider for reselling this service? Technology Partnerships What technology vendors (if any) do we need to work with to execute on this plan? Solutions Partners

3.4. Go-To-Market Strategy

3.4.1. Positioning & Messaging What is the key messaging and positioning for the service offer? (Pain, alternatives, solution) How do we communicate internally? How do we communicate externally?

3.4.2. Promotion Strategy Marketing Programs (Installed base versus new prospects) Advertising (Publications, etc.) Analyst Relations (Target Analysts) Public Relations Events (Trade shows, SEO/SEA, Seminars) Webinars

3.4.3. Demand Generation & Lead Qualification How do we generate and qualify new leads for the target offer? Prospect Lists Key Questions to Ask Sales Collateral Presentations Data Sheets White Papers ROI Tools Other Sales Tools (web site, etc.)

3.5. Measure and Improve

3.5.1. Numbers, budget, waterfall, break-even (cost>leads>trials>deals)

3.5.2. Sales Programs

3.5.3. Accelerated Learning Strategy, Controls, Metrics

3.5.4. Include feedback loops

3.5.5. Include financial metrics (definition of success)

3.5.6. Pipeline reports, etc…

3.6. Other Considerations

3.6.1. M&A?

3.6.2. Risk Analysis & Mitigation

3.7. New Topic