Why use ICT in teaching?

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Why use ICT in teaching? by Mind Map: Why use ICT in teaching?

1. Save time

1.1. Multiple access points (laptop,IPad,tablet,IPhone)

1.1.1. Teachers and students can be more productive in more places

1.2. Minimise time spend writing notes on a board

1.3. Date collaction is made easier

1.4. Streamline planning and record keeping

1.5. Easier to share with colleagues,admin and parents

2. Enhase learning

2.1. Many applications offer immediate feedback to students

2.2. Encourage engagement

2.2.1. Many students have a positive attitudes towards ICT tasks

2.3. Students can work at their own pace

2.4. Multiple ways to experiencing the content (text,messages,images,videos)

3. Explictly teaching digital literacy

3.1. Providing equal access to ICTs

3.1.1. Technology is integral to society,children need to know how to navigate and manipulate ICTs

3.2. Encuring students have the information to make safe choises online

3.2.1. Students with more access to ICTs

4. Australian curriculum expectations

4.1. Geneal capabilities

4.1.1. Creating with ICT

4.1.2. Investigating with ICT

4.1.3. Communicating with ICT

4.1.4. Specipic Technology related Learning areas Digital technologies

4.1.5. Operating and managing ICT

4.1.6. Specipic Tehnology related Learning areas

4.2. Geneal capabilities