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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. Art in real life

1.1. friese pattern

1.2. church windows

1.3. islamic art

1.4. jewellary

1.5. pattern and dance

1.6. Monuments like Pantheon

1.7. church windows

2. Lines and curves

2.1. Minimal art

2.2. TRIG pattern

2.3. stringart on cardboard

2.4. string art (dynamic) with Geogebra

2.5. spirals

2.6. simple(!) fractals

3. Circles and polygons

3.1. circle art with paper and pencil

3.2. circle art with GeGebra

3.3. polygon art

3.4. artists who use polygons

3.5. tesselation on paper or with GeoGebra

3.6. stars + snowflakes?

3.7. visualizing numbers

3.8. paintings like Delauunay

4. ideas for collaboration

4.1. one school creates- another school comments mathematical content

4.2. Older students construct more complex via GeoGebra and younger students use it for own artworks

4.3. older students write a tutorial/worksheet for younger one

4.4. one school does a task per paper/pencil the other school does it with Geogebra

4.5. Competition: stars (before christmas)

4.6. a common online presentation of all expositions

4.7. students choose the best of ...

4.8. one school starts to create, next school continues, third school finishes

4.9. between teachers: trying out ideas from others, evaluating it

4.10. work in international teans on a project e.g. windows of chruches in our towns

5. 3d art

5.1. platonic solids (and more complex ones)

5.2. print outs

5.3. Sierpinski 3d fractal

5.4. 3d art Origami

5.5. art with GeoGebra 3d