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Mortgages by Mind Map: Mortgages


1.1. USAA has several loan options for home buyers

1.1.1. Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans 4.764%

1.1.2. Jumbo Loans 5%; 5.301% APR

1.1.3. Conventional Loans 4.875%; 5.129% APR

1.1.4. VA Loans 4.875%; 5.177% APR

1.1.5. 1st time homebuyers 5.5%; 5.742% APR

1.1.6. Other loan options 4.875%; 5.129% APR

1.2. USAA has a Real Estate Reward Network. The Real Estate Reward Network helps to find an agent

1.3. USAA offers on online pre-approval process

1.4. The USAA website has a tools and tips section which includes a mortgage calculator

1.5. The USAA website has a learning center that helps prepare a home buyer for all the steps necessary in purchasing a new home

1.6. Website is easy to navigate and understand

2. PNC Bank

2.1. PNC Bank also has several loan options for home buyers. The interest rates and APR interest rates were not shown on the website as they were with USAA and Quicken Loans

2.1.1. Jumbo Loans

2.1.2. Fixed Rate Loans

2.1.3. Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans

2.1.4. FHA Loans

2.1.5. VA Loans

2.2. Website is easy to navigate and understand. Must provide more information than USAA and Quicken Loans to get rate information for loans.

2.3. PNC website offers Home Insight to assist the purchaser with the planning process

2.4. PNC Bank offers an online Customer Service Support for home buyers to help any questions they may have.

2.5. PNC Bank's website has an Understanding Home Lending section to help buyers

2.6. PNC Bank has several areas on their website that are designed to specifically help the buyer understand the process of buying a house. These areas explain each part of the process in a way that is easy for someone to understand.

3. Quicken Loans

3.1. Quicken Loans has several loan options available for home buyers

3.1.1. 30 year fixed FHA Loans 4.75%; 5.801% APR

3.1.2. 30 year fixed loans 15 year fixed loans 4.375%; 4.832% APR 4.875%; 5.167%

3.1.3. 30 year fixed VA loans 4.75%; 5.057% APR

3.1.4. Adjustable Rate Mortgage loans 5.163%

3.1.5. HARP Loans

3.1.6. USDA Loans

3.1.7. Jumbo Loans

3.2. Quicken Loans has a sister company, Rocket Homes that can match a home buyer with a real estate agent.

3.3. Quicken Loans website has a mortgage calculator

3.4. A home buyer can apply online with Quicken Loans

3.5. Quicken Loans has an online home buyers and refinance guide

3.6. Website is easy to navigate and understand