Evolution of Animals

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Evolution of Animals by Mind Map: Evolution of Animals

1. Expirementing on animals.

2. Oldest Animal

2.1. What was the oldest animals thats still alive today?

2.1.1. How is it species growing today?

2.1.2. what problems does the species face today?

2.1.3. Is there ways humans can help the species stay striving?

3. Top ten creatures who have evolved the most: Cow sharks, lice, horsetails, Brachiopods, Ginkgo, duck-billed platypus, coelacanth, and horseshoe crabs.

3.1. How has each creature evolved?

3.2. How well are they striving today?

3.3. what problems do humans cause for them?

3.3.1. is there anything humans can do to help the species out?

3.4. Is one of these species a problem to humans? How? Why?

4. Problems caused by humans that kill these speces

4.1. What kind of problems?

4.1.1. Research will be needed for this:

5. is there some people who are trying to engineer there very own kinds of animals?

5.1. maybe this would be a good topic to research about?

5.2. what kinds of animals?

5.3. how are they expirementing on them?