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OSI Model by Mind Map: OSI Model

1. Application Layer

1.1. Provide network services

1.2. user authentication

1.3. such as electronic mails, file transfer

1.4. Human-Machine Interface

1.5. protocol used HTTP, TELNET, FTP

2. Presentation Layer

2.1. Part of Operating system

2.2. converts incoming and outgoing data preseting from one format to another

2.3. protocol used SSL, TSL

2.4. Compression

3. Session Layer

3.1. coordinates, terminates, exchange dialogs on each end

3.2. End-to-End encryption

3.3. protocols useb NetBios and PPTP

4. Transport Layer

4.1. End-to-End control, error detection, all packets arrived

4.2. complete data transfer

4.3. protocols used TCP, UDP

5. Network Layer

5.1. Routing of data to correct direction

6. Data Link Layer

6.1. Synchronization data for Physical Layer knowledge and management

7. Physical Layer

7.1. Conveys bit stream of data through the network hardware means of sending and receiving