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Starbucks by Mind Map: Starbucks

1. Drinks

1.1. Espresso Beverages

1.1.1. Caffè Americano

1.1.2. Caffè Mocha

1.1.3. Caffè Latte

1.1.4. Cappuccino

1.1.5. Caramel Macchiato

1.1.6. Espresso

1.2. Brewed Coffee

1.2.1. Coffee of the Day

1.3. Chocolate Beverage

1.3.1. Signature Chocolate

1.4. Tea Favorites

1.4.1. Earl Grey

1.4.2. English Breakfast

1.4.3. Hibiscus

1.4.4. Mint Blend

1.4.5. Mint Citrus

1.4.6. Chamomile

1.4.7. Chai Tea Latte

1.4.8. English Breakfast Tea Latte

1.4.9. Matcha Latte

1.4.10. Hojicha Tea Latte

1.5. Duo Cocoa Mocha

1.6. Pumpkin Spice Latte

2. Fresh Food

2.1. Bakery

2.1.1. American Blueberry Scone

2.1.2. French Butter Croissant

2.1.3. Cinnamon Danish

2.1.4. Sausage Roll

2.1.5. Mushroom Cheese Pocket

2.1.6. Chicken & Mushroom Pie

2.1.7. Croque Monsieur

2.2. Cakes&Dessert

2.2.1. Blueberry Cheesecake

2.2.2. Chocolate Marquise

2.2.3. Lemon Tart

2.3. Yogurt

2.3.1. Chia Seed & Mango Coconut Parfait

2.3.2. Greek Style Yogurt with Mixed Berries

2.4. Muffins

2.4.1. Blueberry Muffin

2.5. Salads

2.5.1. Summer Fruit Salad

3. Lunch

3.1. Light Indulgence

3.1.1. Shrimp and Pomelo Konjac Noodle Salad

3.1.2. Soba Noodle with Teriyaki Chicken Salad

3.1.3. Rainbow Grilled Garden Salad

3.1.4. Chipotle Chicken & Guacamole Toastie

3.1.5. Mixed Mushroom & Double Cheese Toastie

3.1.6. Chicken Caesar Wrap

3.1.7. Salmon & Cream Cheese Spinach Bread Sandwich (Half)

3.1.8. Turkey & Mozzarella Tomato Bread Sandwich (Half)

3.1.9. Chia Seed & Mango Coconut Parfait

3.2. Vitality Lunch

3.2.1. Chicken Pesto with Mixed Baby Kale Tomato Ciabatta

3.2.2. Roasted Beef and Bell Pepper Maize Bread Sandwich

3.2.3. Egg Mayo and Tomato Sandwich

3.2.4. Bacon Kale Macaroni in Béchamel Sauce

3.2.5. Eggplant & Bolognese Potato Bake

3.2.6. Lasagna Beef Bolognese

3.2.7. Sustainable Tuna & Scramble Egg Wrap

4. Card

4.1. Starbucks Rewards

4.1.1. Weclome One Buy-One-Share-One offer upon registration. Free upgrade on tall or above-sized promotional drink during the first week of launch.

4.1.2. Green 25 Stars puts you at Green One free tall drink or a slice of cake in your birthday month.

4.1.3. Gold Collect 100 Stars within 12 months and you're Gold. One personalized Gold Card. Exclusive offers just for you. One Star Reward for every 25 Stars collected, redeemable for a tall drink or a selected food item.

5. Coffeehouse

5.1. Wireless Internet

5.1.1. Wi-Fi

5.2. Mobile Applications

5.2.1. Mobile Apps

5.3. Merchandise

5.3.1. The Siren Collection 16oz Classic Siren Cold Cup Anniversary Siren Notebook [16.5cm x 23cm]

5.3.2. Halloween Kitten Series 12oz Halloween Kitten Mug Halloween Kitten & Pumpkin Plate Set

5.3.3. Vintage Hong Kong Series 3oz Vintage Hong Kong Traditional Food Mug Set 16oz Vintage Hong Kong Tumbler

5.3.4. Starbucks Teavana Series 3.5oz Teavana Two-Tone Tasting Cup 32oz Teavana Teapot

5.3.5. Mid-Autumn Bunny Series 8oz White Bunny Mug 12oz Dancing Bunny LED Tumbler Bunny Small Pouch [15cm x 15cm x 7cm]

5.3.6. Starbucks Heritage Series 12oz Copper Heritage Stainless Steel Double Wall Mug Starbucks Hong Kong Leather Coaster Set

5.3.7. Core Classic Series 16oz Yellow Chrysanthemum Stainless Steel Tumbler AeroPress [Only available at Starbucks Reserve™ Stores]

5.3.8. You Are Here & City Series 2oz You Are Here Hong Kong Mug / Ornament 16oz Hong Kong Relief Layers Tumbler

6. Responsible Company

6.1. Community

6.1.1. Community Service

6.1.2. Learn More about Communtiy

6.2. Ethical Sourcing

6.2.1. Coffee

6.2.2. Farmer Support

6.2.3. Tea