Effective Internet Searching

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Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: Effective Internet Searching

1. What is the internet?

1.1. a global network of billions of devices where you can find almost any information, communicate to a range of people and much more

1.1.1. Shopping

1.1.2. Social media

1.1.3. Emails

1.1.4. Research

1.1.5. Gaming

1.1.6. Movies

2. Strategies for Searching

2.1. Search different search engines

2.2. Use quotation marks to specifically locate a phrase

2.3. Ask a peer

2.4. Use key words

2.5. Search within a site

3. How to know if the website you are looking at is useful

3.1. Reviewing all searched work to decide whether it is trustworthy information

3.1.1. WHO Who is the author?

3.1.2. WHAT Is the content suitable?

3.1.3. WHEN Is the information up to date?

3.1.4. WHERE Is the website trustworthy?

3.1.5. WHY Is it purposeful information for your research and why?

4. Tips to help students filter information

4.1. Clarify

4.1.1. Consider what it is you are actually searching

4.2. Search

4.2.1. Quality search terms will determine the quality of their results

4.3. Delve

4.3.1. Consider the domain of the web page - .org and .edu are more reliable sources

4.4. Evaluate

4.4.1. Determine whether the website holds relevant and up to date information

4.5. Cite

4.5.1. Use information you have used and write it in your own words to avoid plagarism

4.6. For more information go to: http://www.kathleenamorris.com/2018/02/23/research-filter/

5. Reliable Search Engines to use

5.1. KidRex

5.2. Kiddle

5.3. KidzSearch

6. YouTube

6.1. Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies