Nuance VB BI+ Asset(s)

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Nuance VB BI+ Asset(s) by Mind Map: Nuance VB BI+ Asset(s)

1. In Scope

1.1. Sample Layout ..... Click here _____>

1.2. Already exists

1.2.1. Enrollment Insufficient Audio (grouping) Min_audio_reached value Lost Opportunity Multiple things grouped Opt-out Successful

1.2.2. Verification Verifications Mismatches

1.3. Net New

1.3.1. Enrichment Opportunities Hierarchical view of Activity Bottom Up Top Down Call Volume (Avaya) AHT Call Type or Skill Repeat Callers Customer ID ANI Speaker ID Dates and Times

1.3.2. Outlier flags / messaging Irregular activity Known system outages (with ability to add corresponding comments)

2. Out of Scope

2.1. Cisco Data set

2.1.1. Pilot with existing VB instance and Environment TD likely first

2.2. Paying for and administering access to Cloud environment

3. Roles & Responsibilities

3.1. Install, maintain and administer

3.1.1. Visualization

3.1.2. Database SQL Oracle Pilot with existing VB instance and Environment Need ability to segregate data environments

3.1.3. ETL In-Cloud and with external source data input ability Need ability to segregate data intake to ensure never cross-pollinate and secure K2 level security?

3.1.4. Sample Data for demo/illustrative purposes

3.1.5. Environments Premises Cloud 1st = Azure 2nd = Nuance Cloud 3rd = Google (GCP) 4th = Amazon

3.2. Environment recommendations

3.2.1. Type of software required

3.2.2. Agile process tool(s) Prototype Apple Affinity Designer? Agile project methodology Task Miester MindMiester Realtime Board GitHub

3.3. Create, update and maintain Agile activities, key decision and other minutes etc.

4. Revenue and Cost Considerations

4.1. Paid to build vs. New Company

4.1.1. Nuance pay to build All rights and future usage of the asset(s) owned by Nuance Higher likely buyout price

4.1.2. PM+ pay to build All rights and future usage of the asset(s) owned by PM+

4.1.3. Build for free under independent company higher control hours of work asset to sell off (one-time exit) higher risk of no revenue Nuance could build on their own Clients could build on their own add to portfolio and pivot in to next build

4.2. Time committment

4.2.1. Developer Iman 80% Lloyd 20%

4.2.2. Taylor 30 min sprint demo + 15 min key decisions?

4.2.3. Jon 2+ hours per week Design and Sales Nuance relationship 100%

4.2.4. Environment and paying bills (Admin.) Split by all 3 of us?

5. Business Consumer Pain Points

5.1. Consumer Gaps

5.1.1. Insights derived from data Ease of drilling of down from general to specific insights Agent Team Division or Site Volume Summarizing data looses fidelity and reconciliation with other sources Data is too large to aggregate analytics if pulled from Security Suite directly with Excel etc.

5.1.2. Productivity through Automation Velocity Time to pull, enrich and summarize data Time to slice data in to different (repeatable) views Extends time to action for resolving Accuracy Pulling from Security Suite and working up reports is prone to errors and inconsistencies given lack of controls on data engineering workflow(s)

5.1.3. BI Value Support Value Assurance Relativity of AHT for VB vs. non-VB calls

6. Iman

7. Jon

8. Lloyd

9. Nuance

10. Taylor / PM+

11. Avaya

12. Cicso