US History Lessons Learned

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US History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History Lessons Learned

1. 1920's radio

1.1. The radio led to people learning more about what was going in throughout the world which ultimately led to a more interconnected America.

2. Foreign Relations:How have foreign entanglements influence America?

2.1. WW1

2.1.1. When the US is involved in foreign affairs to a large extent it is hard to stay stay neutral when a large conflict breaks out.

2.1.2. Forming Allies can drag the country into a larger conflict.

2.2. Pivotal battles

2.2.1. Stalin grad showed Hitler that Russia was a bigger force then he expected. In the battle of Stalin grad Hitlers army got killed by the harsh winter.

2.2.2. Okinawa was the closet island to japan and it cut of the supplies to Japan.

2.3. Expansion

2.3.1. When too many countries attempt world domination , it creates mass conflict

2.4. WW2

2.4.1. due to the great depression, Americans relations with other Countries were failing because they were protecting themselves

2.5. Vietnam

2.5.1. This was not our battle to fight. We weren't prepared to go into this battle. We didn't know the land and our troops had no idea why were even there and they stared to loose moral and wouldn't try as hard to fight. The learned from this to be more prepared when going into a country they don't know much about. They also learned to know when to leave the war because of this. They were keeping there men there way to long and it was getting to them.

3. Media*** To what extent does the media influence people?

3.1. 1920's news paper

3.1.1. The newspapers influenced the american people and lead to people changing their minds over things that aren't exactly completely true.

3.2. The red scare

3.2.1. The holly wood 10 getting accused of being communist spread because of the T.V

3.3. Emmett till

3.3.1. He was killed by whites and hit mom wanted to show his body, to show the horrors of what was going on and the south and it opened people eyes.

3.4. The hippy movement

3.4.1. The hippy movement was a huge movement that went on during the Vietnam war. People were starting to protest the war and were angry because we weren't supposed even part of it. Hippy's held rally's to protest the war and to make to get people to see how bad it was. The hippies got more then just them to participate other people got angry and joined in. The U.S learned from this that they shouldn't go against what people want. They learned that

4. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

4.1. 1920's

4.1.1. The radio allowed people all over america to be receiving the same news and listening to the same music as people in south. This lead to America being more inter connected because everyone all over the US new what was going on in the world.

4.2. WW2

4.2.1. The Atomic bombs reason japan surrenders, stopped the fighting because they realized how strong it was and that it will kill many people.

4.3. Napalm and Agent Orange

4.3.1. During Vietnam the U.S used weapons called Napalm and Agent Orange. Napalm was a jelly substance that would stick to you and burn your skin right off. Agent Orange was chemical that was supposed to be used to kill of vegetation in Vietnam so they could find the enemy. Both of these ended up killing both the enemy and the allies. Agent Orange lead to many of the U.S troops to later get cancer. The U.S learned to stop using both of the weapons of mass destruction. They saw how much damage it did to there own troops. They relized that they were far to desructive and they stoped using both of them .

5. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

5.1. M.A.I.N

5.1.1. When leaders focus to much on main it leads to countries getting angry at one another and ultimately leads to war's starting.

5.2. FDR vs Hooverd

5.2.1. FDR wanted to get everything done and he wanted america fixed quickly.

5.2.2. Hooverd had all these ideas but he never actually went through with them.

5.3. The New The Deal

5.3.1. The New Deal in a sense corrupted the government because FDR was giving too much power to certain parts of the government and they were acting unconstitutional.

5.4. Militarism and Alliances

5.4.1. when more powerful leaders work together to coase them to have a greater chance of winning which forces other countries to join the war. Militarism caused mass for everyone

5.5. Radical leaders are more likely to be dissolved and supported due to the problems and precautions that are being taken to prtect their country

5.6. WW2

5.6.1. A powerful leader like Hitler is willing to fight to the end, Russia is strong and willing to take high casualty rates

5.7. JFK, MLK, and, Malcolm X Assassination

5.8. President Nixon

5.8.1. President Nixon was lying to the people back in the U.S and that fueled the Hippy movement and pretests even more. He also pulled a risky move that ended up making them loose the battle. He sent U.S troops to go aid the south in effort to gain Cambodia but the got demolished. He tried getting many of the troops out but it was a major failure. It took way to long and many troop got left behind. The U.S learned to make more smart decisions and to plan according so they wouldn't make this same mistake again.

6. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans

6.1. 1920s Working Class Situation

6.1.1. There was an increase in peoples income which led to people being able to have more leisure time to enjoy life and do things that they want to do on there own time.

6.1.2. The starting of credit put way to deep in debt and way the great depression hit it lead to people being screwed over.,

6.2. The cause of the great depression

6.2.1. The great depression started when the stock market crashed .

6.2.2. The Banks started failing and everyone lost their money.

6.3. The New Deal

6.3.1. The New deal helped people get jobs and helped the government get back into its feet.

6.4. America on the home front

6.4.1. People on the home-front were more than willing to help with war by conserving, producing, and investing.

7. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

7.1. Great Migration

7.1.1. When African Americans were moving north because of the KKK we learned that African Americans were striving for more freedom and independence in America.

7.2. WW2

7.2.1. Many Jewish people attempted to leave the country and flee to other country's so they wouldn't be killed or go through Hitlers cruel treatment and other country's did not step in early which could have prevented this.

7.3. Civil rights

7.3.1. The young African Americans started to leave the south because of racial segregation and moved to the North.

8. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

8.1. Prihibition

8.1.1. When the government banned a drug like alcohol they lose control of america and increases crime and violence in the community,

8.2. WW2

8.2.1. Many people thought the U.S would be the best to go, but America was vary hesitant to allow everything occurring in other country, so Jewish people were stuck

8.3. LBJ great society

8.3.1. When the government decreases programs taxes plus creates large social programs government debt will increase

9. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

9.1. Womens rights

9.1.1. Women gained the right to vote in the beginning of the 1920's due to pressure of women wanting the law to be past which led to women being able to become more independent which led to them having more success later in the decade.

9.2. America on the homefront

9.2.1. Japanese internment camps violated the constitution deeming it unconstitutional. Woman proved to be fruitful during WW2 producing many goods.

9.3. Boy cots

9.3.1. Bus boycotts made the American society realize how much African American rights matter

9.4. Soldiers

9.4.1. The soldiers were forced to go into a place they have never been before and forced them to fight a war they they weren't supposed to be in. The soldiers lost motivation because they had no idea why they were there. Most of the soldiers never dealt with a jungle or even knew the terrain of Vietnam. Vietnam lead to many of the troops having severe PTSD and getting hooked on drugs and alcohol because they were trying to get there mind of the war. The U.S learned that they should better prepare there troops for what they were about to get into. They should also learn more information about Vietnam instead of just jumping into it blindly and loosing a lot of men and loosing the war.

10. Containment

10.1. Spread of communsim

10.1.1. Communism started to spread to Asian countries and other European countesses

10.2. U.S policy of containment

10.2.1. The U.S was trying to stop the spread of communism so that it dose not become such a big force and take over.

10.3. China falling to communism

10.3.1. China was put into a civil war over communism and communism took over.

10.4. Korean war

10.4.1. The Korean war happen when the North attacked the south and the U.S joined so that we could stop Korea from being a communistic force