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Bronchodilators by Mind Map: Bronchodilators

1. Mechanism of action: increases the action of cAMP to cause bronchodilation

2. Albuterol, Epinehrine, Pirbuterol

2.1. Routes/administration: inhalation, epinephrine is SubQ

3. Indications/Therapeutic uses: first line of defense in acute asthma attack or anaphylaxis

4. Pre/Post assessments:

4.1. Respirations have returned to normal

4.2. PulseOx has returned to normal

4.3. Capillary refill is less than 2 seconds

5. Major side effects/adverse reactions

5.1. Tachycardia

5.2. Nervousness

5.3. Palpations

6. Patient education

6.1. Used only as rescue drug and does not treat the inflammation

6.2. If symptoms persist after using medication, seek help

6.3. Ipratropium bromide is contraindicated for those with glaucoma

7. Two related concepts

7.1. oxygenation/perfusion

7.2. gas exchange