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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Dad He works at a car dealership and connect with many business people in Kelowna

2. Mr Ryga He teaches Careers at GESS and can help me to research post secondary options

3. My friend George He works at the mall and can tell when there are job openings

4. My sister Kim She is in college and can help me look at college options

5. My Friend Joe Works at the mall and can help me with job openings here

6. Aunt Barb She lives in Toronto and can help me get info on universities there

7. School Counsellor I will talk to them about post secondary requirements

8. Mr. Parmar Knows Mr. White and can introduce me to him.

9. Admission officer at UBC Can advise me as to whether I will qualify for the program I want.

10. Our dentist. I can talk to him about the job and see if I like the sound of it.

11. Dental office near my house. Maybe I can set up a job shadow.