Mao and Religion

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Mao and Religion by Mind Map: Mao and Religion

1. Communist view

1.1. Capitalist invention

1.2. accepting religions as long as they were willing to submit to the direction of the Chinese state

2. Condemned Religions

2.1. Confucianism

2.2. Buddhism

2.3. Islam

2.4. Christianity

2.4.1. 1957 Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church

2.4.2. "Three-Self Patriotic Movement"

3. Government

3.1. toleration was officially garanteed by Chinese constitution

3.2. 'patriotic Churches' were accepted

3.3. Clergy had to profess support for communist regime -->later imprisoned

3.4. 'four olds'

4. Cultural Revolution

4.1. people destroyed churches, temples, religious images

4.2. Confucianism representing the worst of China's past

5. Mao

5.1. limited reshape of private belief

5.2. had resistance to Chinese occupations he ordered

5.3. Mao refers to it as 'poison'