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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Greg Woods: Has been with a certain oil and gas company for years (schlumberger) and it would be interesting to hear what he has to say about that specific company and how I could possibly one day be apart of it.

2. Ron and Colleen McMillan: Entrepreneurs. Run their own farm and pumpkin business and would be good to talk to because they have a lot of experience with it and have achieved great success through their company. Economics is something I am also becoming interested in.

3. Hannah: My sister knows someone involved within the oil and gas industry which I too am interested in.

3.1. Josh: My sister's boyfriend is a chemical engineer and knows all about the courses and skills required to become one and knows what the industry is really like. I could ask him for contacts.

3.1.1. Shannon Ouellette: Is high up in the oil and gas industry and would be good to talk to as she has been in the industry for decades and knows alot about the industry and skill sets required to succeed at this job.

4. Belinda: Family friend who has been working in the restaurant industry for a while says she has contacts that may be instrumental in me being able to get a job at certain restaurants.

4.1. Lisa: Is my good friend's mom who works for the city and would probably have all kinds of contacts and knowledge of job postings in and around the city.

5. Lee: My old youth group leader who is a Civil Engineer would be a good person to talk with in order to see if that spectrum of engineering would be fit for me.

5.1. Carolyn Woods: Was once an extra in a movie (how to lose a guy in 10 days) and would be good to talk to as she might have contacts and give first hand insight as to what it was like and if it is something she thinks I would be good at. I am quite interested in the whole movie making/film industry.

5.2. Vanessa: Girl who goes to my church that used to work for the marina here in town and would know the manager and probably have some good recommendations/contacts so that I could meet with someone to discuss this job for the summertime.

6. My Grandma Dot: Her and my grandpa used to be teachers and would have all kinds of knowledge on what the job is really truly about.

6.1. Mr.Parmar: A counsellor at my school who might have contacts and ideas for me for a future career based on my work and volunteer experience.

7. Uncle Mel: My uncle is a teacher and has been for many many years and would be a good person to talk to about teaching and see what it's really like. He has also taught physed and knows all about the programs and skills needed for that which i'm also interested in.

7.1. Asiah: Friend from school who has a friend who works at one of the restaurants I am interested in working at which is Hotel Eldorado.

7.1.1. Doctor Lichtenstein: Get her input on the health industry and what is required to get into it.