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1. Jessica McDonald

1.1. My mom and her co workers have contact with friends and companies that do things I am interested in,like carpentry and furniture making.

2. Damon Blackett

2.1. My dad used to do construction, and he currently is a fire fighter and a self employed excavator, a business I am interested in.

3. Isiah McDonald

3.1. My brother has contacts in Vancouver and Kelowna that he could help me discover options of work in my area and also in Vancouver.

4. Jack Thomas

4.1. Jack is my best friend from where i grew up, he is interested in machinery and carpentry, just like I am, and we have both discussed working together later on in life, when we have gone through post secondary

5. Jonah Cas

5.1. Jonah is a friend of mine who is currently in UBC who I met working in Vancouver. His father has used a business to excavate his yard in Vancouver, which is a possible internship there.

6. Tru Cut Construction is a business my uncle owns, my dads brother. They have contacts all over the place.

7. Arlene is one of my moms coworkers, and she has a son who is in the construction business.

8. My brothers classmates at UBC have contacts to construction businesses that they have used, they could help get me in contact.

9. Adam Hamilton is Jacks uncle, who does drafting and design for construction businesses.

10. Jonah's father has contacts with established businesses that could be a good intern opportunity.

11. Jonah's Father has connections to excavation companies all over the North Shore that could take me in as an intern.

12. My Uncle Dax can help me out with learning machinery and carpentry.

13. Adam Hamilton could recommend me to the business as an intern.

14. Arlene could give me her sons phone number, allowing me to contact him and get some pointers on how to get into the business, or even open my own.

15. One of my brothers classmates can reach me and let me know any information they have about getting into the company they recommended.