Platformer Game Brainstorm

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Platformer Game Brainstorm by Mind Map: Platformer Game Brainstorm

1. Graphics

1.1. Pixelated

1.1.1. Design in Pixel Art Designer

1.2. Realistic

1.2.1. Use images from the internet and edit some parts of the body using Photoshop

1.3. Animated

1.3.1. Draw in Photoshop, so it does not look realistic or pixelated

2. Setting

2.1. Castle

2.1.1. Draw in PixelArt designer, each pixel is a block. Make platforms for the main character to jump on. Make the end of the level a golden door.

2.2. Fantasy World

2.2.1. Draw using PhotoShop. Green background and natural creation, with natural obstacles such as boulders and rocks. Instead of ladders there will be vines to climb up something.

2.3. Futuristic/Space

2.3.1. Take images from the internet and make some things. Space background with debris flying around. Make aliens and other enemies as obstacles as well.

3. Sound

3.1. Sound Effects

3.1.1. Every time a person finishes a level, they're will be a sound effect like when Mario completes a level and jumps on the flag at the end of a level.

3.1.2. When someone kills a monster or a "Gremlin", there will be like a squishing sound effect like the monster is getting squished.

3.2. Soundtracks

3.2.1. The music will be like piano notes. It will not be fast piano, instead notes of a scale but slowly. Many people like other types of music such as rap, and k-pop. But this type of music will not go with the game

4. Story

4.1. Story 1

4.1.1. An idea for one plot, could be that a character gets trapped inside a world and he has to collect all the keys and once he collects all of them he can leave the world.

4.2. Story 2

4.2.1. Another idea can be that the protagonist, the character that the user is controlling, has to save a character named Sunny.

5. Characters

5.1. Tyrese

5.1.1. The main character. He has brown skin, he's the protagonist as well. All the people are the same size

5.2. Gremlins

5.2.1. These are the monsters that are also known as obstacles. To kill them you must jump on top of them.

5.3. Sunny

5.3.1. A character that Tyrese has to save Sunny, from the lead engineer.

6. Plot

6.1. The game will start off in one of the three setting, this is not decided yet. But I started to work on designing the castle so far.

6.2. There will be monsters and/or natural obstacles, such as falling boulders

6.3. Its a platformer, which means the characters and obstacles are 2D.