Survivor Story

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Survivor Story by Mind Map: Survivor Story

1. Zohan and his group of friends and family

2. Therapy

2.1. trauma informed

2.2. medication cannot cure trauma... there is no pill.'

3. raid

3.1. homeless

3.2. clients already booked

3.3. had been taught exactly how and where to advertise. Went Renegading

3.3.1. At least now I kept the money shame of self-trafficking Hotel isolation Angelina was ... Shannon was...

3.4. Arial

3.4.1. romeo pimp required child behavior third person Routinely broke consent private His surprise threesome for his birthday . I froze instead of fled Rape. made me create and perform erotic fetish fantasies. everybody loved Angeline no-one even new my real name. zero depth of relationship

4. Results of child hood

4.1. ACE- List answers not the score

4.2. PTSD

4.3. Rape

5. childhood

5.1. Just like Game of THrones the hierarchy amongst siblings in my family was always shifting

5.1.1. She purposely pitted us against each other she had individual relationships with us. But never a unit.

6. Foster Care

6.1. Gang using me

6.1.1. tried toe sell me twice (NY) (Papi)

6.2. I was routinely moved by surprise

6.2.1. garbage bags

6.2.2. crying at my locker because I was going to lakewood

7. education

8. adult hood and the fall

8.1. my recovery

8.1.1. settled down.

8.2. kids and family

8.2.1. daycare

8.3. navy wife

8.3.1. Fleet Ombudsman (because if I'm going to do it I'm going to do it right!

9. How I fell

9.1. sold me

9.2. my injury

9.2.1. porn and sex addict never shown love everyday I would tell him I felt I was only a vagina to him. He would rage because I was "different" around my frineds... I was HAPPY thats why.

9.2.2. exposed the drugging and rapes Shame madde had nowhere to go becaue I had been the one they all ran to. Shame solidifief my belief that sex is all I am good for Shame put me in the darkness

9.2.3. permanent spinal cord damage among other things

9.2.4. took my job

9.2.5. divorce

9.3. Chuck and spanking

9.3.1. giving him half

9.3.2. his fetish of owning a slave

9.3.3. hypersexualized chuldhood had normalized a lot of this.

10. The life

10.1. Fetish room

10.1.1. porn

10.1.2. car totalled on purpose

10.1.3. documents

11. Recovery


11.1.1. This is a long and often very ugly time period;


11.2.1. education acedemically financially

11.2.2. life skills how to hold a normal conversation where other people set their boundries so I could figure out mine learning to read noemal emotions.... lived with constant shappy Angelina face. for 5 years all I saw was party smiles

11.2.3. A SAFE SPACE TO HEAL Carl... When I was with him the world stood still. I would be safe. I slept in the walk in closet whenever he was away Still have security drills

11.3. pshyc effects

11.3.1. cPTSD

11.3.2. depression

11.3.3. rape trauma syndrome

11.3.4. agoraphobia