Brain Storming

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Brain Storming by Mind Map: Brain Storming

1. Characters

1.1. Assassin Low Health Super High Damage Average mana Low ability power Specialized abilities

1.1.1. Mage Low Health Low Damage High mana Super high ability power Specialized abilities Warrior Average health Average damage Average mana Low ability power Specialized abilities

1.2. There will be heroes, and villains with different attributes. The demons and gods will be the strongest characters in the game. The demons want to obtain power through any means, while the gods wants peace. The demons will have corrupted powers.

2. Plot/Story

2.1. After you choose your class you get to start your journey. The goal of the game is to destroy the evil underlord. The game will take place in the underworld, Earth, and the god’s realm. In this game you have multiple routes you can take. For example you can destroy the evil villains and become a hero, or you can destroy the heroic heroes and become a villain. You get certain power ups for becoming a hero or a villain. This gets more into detail, when you get into god’s realm, or the underworld. If you are a hero and you travel into god’s realm they are nice to you, but if you are a villain they will attack you. The opposite works for the underworld, where if you are a hero they will attack you. You will start on Earth, and you will have options to destroy evil creatures, or destroy the hero’s. Each person you destroy will give you a certain amount of points, Larger threats will give you more points. After you gathered enough points you will have an option to either create a portal to the underworld, or god’s realm. The game won’t tell you if you are a villain, or a hero. If you are a villain, and you go to the underworld you will get material to make yourself stronger. If you are a villain, and you go to god’s realm you will have to fight off the gods, and survive. The same works vise versa. If you are able to defeat either the god’s or the devil’s, then you win the game.

3. Graphics

3.1. This game will be both a platformer, and an open world. This game will have cartoonish graphics. This is mainly because it is easier to design, and I think it will be very interesting.

4. Setting

4.1. Earth

4.1.1. Earth is going to be the same as our world. There are going to be buildings, schools, natural life and many more. The villains are going to be like criminals in our world, and the heroes are going to be like cops.

4.2. God’s Realm

4.2.1. God's Realm is a world that you can travel to. God's Realm is going to be in the clouds. This my imagination of God's Realm

4.3. The underworld

4.3.1. The underworld is where the demons live. It is dark in the underworld.

5. Sound

5.1. I will have multiple different sounds. I will have 3 main soundtracks. Earth will have calm music, and during a fight there will be intense music. The underworld will have scary music. The God's Realm will have joyful songs.